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As a small theater, we have a number of items we would love to have, but just
can’t afford them on our tight budget.  Some of our items are really very small
and inexpensive and we’ve run out or no one has thought to find them yet, but
every now and then someone says, gosh, I wish we had…  If you have the
finances to help our theater grow, we will greatly appreciate your financial
donations. Or if you have a few small things sitting around the house and want
to help out in little ways, we will be equally appreciative of your making our jobs
just a little easier.

New backstage curtains        $5,000.00
 <--- Wish Fulfilled!!  
In partnership with the Auburn Community Center, ACT was able to purchase
and hang new backstage curtains in 2010!!!

New grand drape (main traveler curtain)        $3,000.00  <---Wish Fulfilled!
In partnership with the Auburn Community Center Association we were able
to replace the old, worn out and not up to fire code stage curtains.

Dimmer Board and Dimmers        $2,000.00 <---Wish Fulfilled!!
We found a great deal on this and purchased 2!

Cables, outlets and patch panel        $2,000.00

Currently we connect our lights to temporary pipes and structures which must
be set up before each show and taken down afterward.  We then must run long
extension cords to each light, taping down the cords so our audience members
don’t trip over them.  We have a proposal to run permanent outlets along the
beams in the gym so the lights could be mounted near the outlets, eliminating
all the cords taped to the gym floor.  Battens can then be hung from the beams
for the lights so we don’t have to pull out the scaffolding for each show.  The
outlets in turn would be connected to a patch panel backstage so the dimmers
could be able to control the individual lights.

Lighting instruments        $2,400.00

We currently have 14 lighting instruments.  These have been donated to us by
Lynn Wilson of Washburn University and Grace Point Church.  This limits what
we can do technically.  We would like to purchase additional instruments to
make visibility on stage brighter and easier to see and control.  New lighting
instruments would also be more efficient and easier to operate by volunteers.  

Sound Equipment        $7,000.00  
<---Wish Fulfilled!
Thanks in part to a grant from ArtsConnect of Topeka, we were able to purchase
part of the equipment we need. More will be added as we receive further funding.

Smaller but essential items

For the office:
Stamps, books or rolls of regular stamps or books or rolls of post card stamps.
Filing cabinet.

For backstage:
Toolbox, tools (hammer, electric screw driver, saws, staple gun, wrenches, brushes)
Hardware (various sizes of screws and nails, smaller hardware such as hinges,
Lumber (plywood, wood (2 x 4s, 1 x 4s, 1 x 6s)
Paint (flat latex in any colors, especially black)


We can always use eager enthusiastic volunteers who love to paint, build, sew, act,
sing and dance and use their artistic talents helping to bring our shows to the stage.  
Call 256-2848 and leave your name and number and we’ll call on you!
PO Box 3884,
Topeka KS 66604-6884