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excited that after the article came out in the Topeka Capital Journal
about our potential move, several facilities contacted us, asking us
to consider them for the move. We found this a complete surprise.
Although we are extremely proud of the work we have done in
Auburn, we didn’t think many others noticed us or valued us.
Apparently that was not the case. We received calls from the
Topeka Scottish Rite, the Topeka Women’s Club and TPAC. All
three had performance space available. We also considered
approaching The Jayhawk Theatre, Hog Holler (formerly Apple
Valley Playhouse), Vassar Playhouse in Osage County, Topeka
Lutheran School, the Dover Community Center and even
considering the recently vacated building that had been the Amish
Furniture Store on South Topeka Blvd.

We actually talked with the Jayhawk Theatre staff and decided it
wasn’t feasible for us to work there yet. They are still undergoing a
lot of renovation work and currently did not meet our needs. We
examined the Dover Community Center and talked with their Board,
but the facility had too many physical limitations for our use and was
also cost prohibitive. The Topeka Lutheran School was a tempting
choice, but their schedule didn’t match ours as they have so much
going on for their students that we wouldn’t have time to rehearse
and stage a performance.

Finally we talked with and toured the Hussey Playhouse in TPAC.
Just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, it was just right. We hope
we will be able to provide the same great performances we have in
the past and also be able to support TPAC’s mission and give back
to them as we have in the past with Auburn. We will truly miss our
Community Center that gave birth to ACT. We will not have a
traditional stage setting, or storage, construction and rehearsal
space that we’ve had in the past, but we are gaining a wonderful
performance space in a beautifully restored art deco building in a
community rife with talent.

So please follow us into the future as we start a new phase in our life
changing from Auburn Community Theater to All Communities
Theatre welcoming everyone to our stage and our audience.
November 18, 2016
Moving on up!
Board President, Emilie Lunsford has been in contact with the
administration at the Topeka Performing Arts Center (TPAC)
and they have all reached an agreement for performance space.
As always there are good and bad points to every change in life
and I thought I would share some of this transition with you.

Due to a disagreement over scheduling that was unable to be
resolved, the Auburn Community Center decided to cancel our
lease agreement. At first we were all kind of in shock, but as
soon as the surprise wore off we decided this could be a good
thing for ACT, providing us the impetus to move forward and
develop as a performing arts company.