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Director for ACT.
November 3, 2015
By this time we are usually in the process of selling our season
memberships and proudly touting our future shows. Unfortunately this year
we had a setback in that one of the shows we had eagerly looked forward
to producing just had the right pulled because a newer version has been
released on professional tour. So at the last minute we are scrambling to
find a replacement for next summer. But let me share a few things I do
know with you.

Due to the fact that everything (including the cost of royalties, scenery
supplies and food) is going up, we are forced to raise our very affordable
and modest ticket prices to try and meet our budget needs. Next season
the cost of theater tickets will be $12.50 rather than the $10 cost we have
held for nearly 8 years. We are likewise raising the dinner cost to a
matching $12.50. However we have a deal for you.
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Next season we are planning to sell 4 ticket memberships for
$40.00. That way you can still buy your admissions for $10 a piece
if you purchase the 4 ticket membership. This way you can see all
four shows that we will be presenting in our 2016 season at the
same prices you’ve paid in the past. Likewise if you want a 4 ticket
membership with dinner, we will charge the same fees of $80 with
dinner ($40 for admissions and $40 for meals).
And of course you can buy as many as you like, 2 for you and your
special someone or 16 for your whole group of friends!

Another added advantage we are offering is that our 4 ticket
memberships can be used on any production next season. If you
want to come to the same show 4 times, or bring three of your
friends to one show, you certainly can do that. You can buy as many
4 ticket memberships as you want and use them in any
combination for admissions during our 2016 season.

Some of our other plans… our first show will be in February and will
the musical CELEBRATION. This show was written by the
legendary authors of that long running Broadway musical, THE
FANTASTICKS. CELEBRATION is the age old tale of love and
possible loss. Boy and girl meet and fall in love, but money and
fame are the worldly attractions that try to pull them apart. Set in the
midst of an exotic New Year’s Eve party sponsored by the world’s
richest man, this proves to be a stirring musical drama. Modern
man is not so very different from his ancient forebears and you will
feel the excitement of the drumbeat and the exuberance of the
dance around the campfire as we celebrate the return of the sun in

See you at the show!