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August 6, 2016
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these will be a name change. We obviously can’t be Auburn
Community Theater if we aren’t in Auburn, and since Auburn doesn’t
have any other large facilities for us to perform in, we will have to
move on to another community. Where, we don’t know yet, but stay
tuned for breaking news. We have several places in mind, and we
might even be nomads for a short time until we settle on a more
permanent home. So, a new name, a new location, some new board
members, but the same old quality and determination.

Thank you for all your support in the past. Please stay with us and
help us in this interim phase while we find our new digs. We hope to
announce a 2017 season, but it may be delayed as we look at
performance spaces. We will announce all our news as soon as we
make some decisions and lock things in place. ACT still strives to
be quality entertainment for you!
Life is Change
As many of you have heard, we’ve lost our lease. Although we
shall miss performing in our gymatorium and shall treasure all the
stories we have about our experiences in our humble beginnings
on the old stage, this is an exciting time for ACT. This move will
push us into growing, stretching and changing. Growth can be
painful, but it is necessary to survive and survive we shall.