Director's Chair
Here we present a new feature, the Director's
Chair, an ongoing blog from Bert Miller, Artistic
Director for ACT.
July 20, 2014

Our theater finally has a permanent Tech Director. Ken Liddle accepted the
position. Don’t worry, it’s still all volunteer, so no one (including myself) is
getting paid. But now we have someone to blame if the set isn’t finished on
time. Actually he’s very conscientious so I doubt that will ever happen. With that
said, check out our pictures below of the Pembroke Volunteers putting the set
together for “Station KACT’s Old Time Radio Show.”
Well I shouldn’t tell tales out of school, but they always said telephone,
television, tell Bert.  We have a lot of irons in the fire, and most of them
will be sorted out at the ACT Board Meeting on Monday, July 21. I’ll
update this blog when decisions are made, but here’s some of what’s
been happening.
Box Office
Call Board
Helpers and Donors
Audition and Volunteer
About Us
Board and Staff
been a fun and fast paced show. It was written by committee with lots of people adding bits
and pieces. This is one of our larger casts since “Jesus Christ Superstar.” It’s been an odd
challenge trying to find places backstage and downstairs to stash all the people when they
aren’t on the set. We also have a few guest artists in this show, including local music group,
The Cows.

In other business, our planning committee has been hard at work developing a new season of
shows for 2015. This should be announced soon. There are some special events in the works
to help announce our new season and surprise our patrons and community with a coming out
party/dance. More on this later.

Well enough of my rambling. Be sure to get reservations for this next show and you too might
be among the first to hear about all the exciting new things coming up for ACT.