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May 28, 2017
All the News That’s Fit to Print,
and Some That’s Not
For all of you who donated to our fundraising campaign to
buy a new piano during “Side by Side by Sondheim” a really
big THANK YOU!  We did purchase a new piano to use for
our future musicals. The purchase was from Manning Music
and we owe Todd Manning another big THANK YOU
because in addition to donating to our fundraising campaign,
he also gave us a heck of a deal on the piano, selling it to us
at a phenomenal discount. He is the greatest!!

For all of you who donated to our fundraising campaign to
send our company to Minnesota to attend the AACT
Community Theatre Festival, another big THANK YOU!
We took our one act play “A Candle on the Table” to the
competition. Unfortunately we did not win, so we won’t be
going on to the National Competition. But Kansas was
represented at the festival and we made a lot of wonderful
contacts. We proved that the arts are alive and well in Kansas.
We saw a number of other productions and got a few ideas for
future shows we would like to bring to you here. We also
attended 8 workshops on everything from acting and dance, to
fundraising, scenery construction, lighting and working with
volunteers. It was a marvelous learning experience and I only
wish we could have taken even more people with us to enjoy,
share and learn more about our craft.

Other changes have been taking place. I am sad to report that
several of our board members have left our organization. They
worked very hard for us in the past as well as shepherding us
through the difficult move from Auburn to Topeka. They will be
missed. Our thanks go out to Cheryl Franklin, Emilie Lunsford,
Wendy Lunsford-Baruth and Sarah Petty. We would like to
welcome new board members Sarah Ashlock and Elizabeth
Massey to our family (both have volunteered time and
appeared on stage with us in the past) and welcome Ken
Liddle to the board (he has been serving as our technical
director and will now be doing double duty as technical director
and treasurer) and welcome Kelly Brown back to our board
(she has served before and has returned to take over the role
of vice president).

We are also working with TPAC to schedule our 2018 season
as well as working with Marvin Stottlemeyer who will be
directing our next production in August. We will let you know as
soon as the box office opens for that at TPAC if you prefer to
purchase your tickets through them via TicketMaster. However,
you can always give us a call at 785-256-2848 to reserve your
tickets early directly through ACT. We look forward to
entertaining you!