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March 14, 2018
KACT and beyond
we couldn’t be happier. It was definitely a challenge to get
the final scene with 15+ people on the tiny Break Room stage, but we
managed and the show ended with a rousing applause of appreciation
from all our audiences.

We are now in the
planning stages for our
next production, “Four
Weddings and an Elvis.”
We planned to have
smaller casts and more
intimate shows. While
this is an intimate show,
the cast is only a little
smaller than the last show
at 11 people. At least that leaves lots of slots to fill and lots of
opportunities for the actors in Topeka.

Set in a wedding chapel in Las Vegas we have the four couples and
their friends. So here is your opportunity to be on stage. Scripts are
available to check out from The Enchanted Willow at 2209 SW Gage
Blvd. This little store has also partnered with ACT to provide office
space as well as rehearsal space and storage. We’re excited that so
many people are helping our tiny little theatre and so many exciting
things are coming out way. And we owe it all to our volunteers. Thanks
to everyone who helped with our multiple moves and in keeping us alive
and performing.