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Another exciting event…You can now get our tickets on
TicketMaster. This gives patrons and audience members access to
ticketing on line any time of the day or night. Of course you can
always call our box office number and speak to a real always have.
Or you can visit the box office at TPAC and get your tickets there.

Once again we will have dinner performances on the Saturday night
shows. The menu is posted with our show page here. It sounds
combination. But if you do, you can still get show only tickets without
combination. But if you do, you can still get show only tickets without
the meal.the meal.

On a sad note, our electronic piano finally gave up the ghost and
died. Since it is the sound board and that model is no longer being
manufactured, it is most likely beyond repair. For the current show
Manning Music is generously loaning us two electric pianos. We will
commit to purchasing one of them after the show. We are hoping
your generous donations to our wish buckets will make that a
possibility without draining our budget so we can afford to produce
the next show.

We are really looking forward to this first show in a new location. It
should be exciting. Hope to see you at the show.
February 7, 2017
Side by Side with TPAC
Wow, lots of things happening all at once.

The biggest event is our move. It took forever to clean out all
our various set pieces, props, costumes and equipment
from the old gymnatorium in Auburn Community Center.
There were nearly ten years of odd things in our prop
storage fake furs used in “Breath of Spring” to poison bottles
used in “Let’s Murder Marsha.” But with all our various
pieces securely stored away, we have been working hard on
our next production.