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AFTERSHOCK by Michael Walker

Finalist in Playwrights First’s (NYC) annual
playwriting contest and chosen for Penobscot
Theatre’s Northern Writes New Play Festival.

A mother and teenage daughter, two victims of a
horrific car accident in which a girl died, have moved
out of state away from the tragedy and built a new,
wonderful life together. An investigative writer finds
them and terrorizes them until a much darker story
and truth about the accident are revealed.

Aftershock explores the extraordinary methods victims
of tragedies employ to live in the world of non-victims.
When friends and family are faced with the death of a
child, how are they supposed to go on? What if it
wasn’t your daughter but her best friend who died?
Are you as consumed with guilt as you are with grief?
What will it take to live a “normal” life. Can you run
away and begin again?