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Station KACT’s Old Time Radio Show

Come join the ACT family and watch what really goes on backstage
at an old fashioned radio broadcast. Station KACT has been sold
and everyone is on pins and needles about the new owner.
Rumors are flying that it will be razed to become a parking lot,
so this is the final broadcast. Songs of yesteryear will be
interspersed with commercials and an old radio play or two.

This is truly a variety show. If you missed it at the Auburn
Community Center in 2014, then here’s your chance to see it.
If you saw it back then, you remember how much fun it was and
we invite you to come see it again. It won’t be just the same old
show; we will have new skits and new songs with new singers.
Don’t miss all the fun!

February 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 25
at the BreakRoom