Let's Murder Marsha                                                           
by Monk Ferris

A housewife addicted to reading murder mysteries overhears
her loving husband planning a surprise birthday party for her.
But the one sided conversation sounds like he is plotting her
murder. The events continue to a hilarious point when the
family finds out Marsha’s misunderstanding and decides to
teach her a lesson by pretending they are plotting her demise.
The humor is broad and continuous in the hilarious comedy

Oct 7, 8, 14, 15 & 16

Cast List

Tobias Gilmore-----G. R. Marchant
Marsha Gilmore----Kelly Brown
VIrgil Baxter---------Kim Riley
Persis Devore-------Chris Criner
Bianca----------------Breanna Schmidt
Lynette Thoren-----Sherry Reed
Ben Quade-----------Barry Hazelwood

Assistant Director/Stage Manager---Alexandria Shepherd
2016 Season