Breath of Spring
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Breath of Spring
Produced by special arrangement
with Samuel French, Inc.
When Dame Beatrice is given a mink stole by her
immediately suspects that it was stolen from the
endeavor to return the stole. The plan is devised
with care and all of them take such delight in the
secretive scheme that they wonder why they don't
do this more often. They form a syndicate for
stealing furs and giving the money to charity.

"Two hours of ... moments when I was helpless with
                 London Daily Mirror.
Karla Barber, Jim Aubey, Patricia Kohls Barrett, Debbie
Bramlage, Butch McCue
Lily Thompson, the maid                                        Debbie Bramlage
Lacy Alice Miller                                                     Patricia Kohls Barrett
Dame Beatrice "Bee" Appleby, DBE                       Karla Barber
Miss Elizabeth "Hattie" Hatfield                               Kelly Stites
Detective-Sergeant Pape (from Scotland Yard)     O J Coller
Police Constable Kemp                                          Butch McCue