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    Our next meeting is Thursday (March 28) at 7:00 and again on
    Saturday (March 30) at 7:00 at The Enchanted Willow,
    2209 SW Gage Blvd.

    ACT will be sponsoring a workshop, class, get together, party,
    whatever you want to call it. Our initial kick off will be a group
    discussion to see what exactly we want to do, what direction we
    choose to go. We have a number of ideas to cover and we may
    decide (as a group) to focus on one thing, or one direction, or we
    may break up into several smaller groups and each do
    something different. Ideas to cover include:

    •        Acting classes
    •        Reader’s theatre
    •        Improvisation
    •        Stand up comedy
    •        Voice and diction
    •        And More!!!

    Young and old, experienced or brand-new beginner, all are
    welcome. We will get together and discuss what we want to learn
    or experience or work on. The basic idea of ACT Stage Door is to
    develop new skills which can be used on stage and in life to
    communicate with others.

    Come and join us. But the main idea is for all of us to HAVE FUN!
    You may learn a few new things, you may become the next on
    stage star of the show, or you may just meet some really fun
    friends to enjoy and hang out with for an hour or so. Who knows
    where that door will lead?

    ACT Stage Door Project: The Enchanted Willow
    at 2209 SW Gage Blvd., Topeka KS 66614
    7:00 p.m. January 26, 2019

    For more information call 785-256-2848
    Or e-mail