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September 23, 2018
What? Not again!?
You’re Moving Again?!
a cocktail, glass of wine or a beer with the show. How nice is that? So
wonderful place and the staff couldn’t be nicer to us. Plus you can have
this coming 2019 season will still have two of our shows at The Break

But the tiny stage of the Break Room isn’t
very conducive to a large musical with lots
of sets that need to be changed. And there
isn’t much room for a small orchestra. So,
just when we had decided that those days
of splashy musicals were in the past, along came Forest Park.

Forest Park (check them out at is a
wonderful wooded area on the east side
of town. It is located at 3158 SE 10th
Street, just across from Reeser’s. There
are several cabins and buildings. It used
to be a church camp and was most
recently owned by the Methodist Church,
but is now an independent conference and
retreat center hosting a number of different
activities. It also contains a large building (the Tabernacle) that has a
wonderful stage is will make an excellent theatre facility.

ACT has agreed to partner with Forest Park to upgrade their facilities
in exchange for free storage and we hope to produce two of our 2019
shows in their theatre building. It will become a permanent home for our
old lighting equipment and a new venue in which to put our (and your)
wish bucket donations to improve the facility. Our first shows may be a
bit rough, but future plans are to upgrade and purchase and install a
proscenium, stage curtains, more comfortable seating, upgraded
lighting equipment, air conditioning and more.

It is exciting to be on the ground floor or this opportunity. So be sure to
come out and see our shows at the park. You will be amazed at what
surprises Topeka has!